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In term one we commenced studying the ‘Great Treasury of Mahamudra’ by Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden.  In term three we will continue on to Chapter 5.

In term three it will be offered ONLINE (not onsite) from 2pm to 4pm.  Please note that you will need to register before attending the Study Group.  Refer below for details on how to register.  In term three the study group will be held on the following dates:


Saturday July 27

Saturday August 10

Saturday August 31

If you haven’t attended the Dharma study group before but would like to join, you’re very welcome. There is no assumed knowledge, however it should be noted that the study of this book would probably be considered to be an intermediate level of Buddhist analysis.  You may choose to participate actively or, if you prefer, you can sit back and listen.

‘Mahamudra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘great seal’ and refers to the nature of all phenomena. When applied to the mind, Mahamudra practice and meditation focuses on mind itself and discovers the nature between mind and reality.  When our mind confuses reality with fantasy problems arise.  Understanding the relationship between mind and reality is essential to achieve liberation and enlightenment, which is the goal of Mahamudra practice.

We will be studying Sutra Mahamudra. If you don’t have this book* we can email you a PDF of the chapter that we will be studying for the term. 

Facility charge

The facility charge is a one-off payment of $20 whether attending one or more sessions during term three, with funds going towards the maintenance of our precious temple.


If you would like to register, please click button below.

*Purchase of this book requires highest yoga tantra initiation as some sections are focused on Vajrayana practices. A sound understanding of sutra teachings is required before students undertake Vajrayana studies.

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