We are delighted to announce a very special event.

The Spiritual Teacher of Tara Institute, Venerable Geshe Doga, will bestow the Medicine Buddha empowerment at 2 pm on Sunday 10 September in the magnificent traditional Tibetan temple in Yuroke.

Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha is a beautiful Buddha emanation, manifesting in a sublime lapis lazuli coloured form. The profound practice of Medicine Buddha creates supporting conditions for mental, physical and emotional healing.

Receiving this empowerment is considered to be a great blessing.  Empowerment gives us the foundation to engage in the practice of MedicineBuddha at a deeper level, and to realise its healing potential for ourselves and others.

Venerable Geshe Doga

It is a peerless great honour that Venerable Geshe Doga has accepted the Tibetan Buddhist Society’s invitation to give this wonderful initiation.  

A renowned Buddhist scholar and teacher, Geshe Doga has been teaching students in Australia for around 40 years, mainly based at Tara Institute in Brighton.

This empowerment offers a marvellous chance to spend time with such a highly-accomplished and treasured lama.

Venerable Geshe Loden, the Tibetan Buddhist Society’s Spiritual Head always praised Geshe Doga’s qualities, including his kindness and friendship to Geshe Loden and the Tibetan Buddhist Society over many years.


The empowerment will be held in our magnificent, peaceful Tibetan temple. You can find more information about the empowerment here. No other classes will be held this day. There is plenty of comfortable seating including chairs and cushions.  Refreshments will be served after the teaching. There is a $20 facility charge and $15 concession for the event. Proceeds support the maintenance of the Tibetan temple and gardens. Please register via the button below.

Medicine Buddha Registration

For more information, please email events@tushita.org.