Special Path to Enlightenment series

Relying on a spiritual guide, or guru, is the means by which the Dharma teachings have been passed down from the time of the Buddha, 2600 years ago, through an unbroken lineage to today. By understanding guru yoga correctly, we will know how to identify a properly qualified spiritual guide – especially one with the indispensable qualities of compassion, wisdom and ethics.

A correct and mature understanding of guru yoga means we cultivate our own wisdom and personal judgment and take responsibility for our practice – while drawing energy and inspiration from the guru’s instruction and example.

In this segment of the Path to Enlightenment teachings we will go through the detailed examination of guru yoga in chapter 5 of the text, ‘Path to Enlightenment in Tibetan Buddhism’ – answer your questions and help to dispel any misunderstandings.

Nick will begin the segment on Sunday 5 May with an explanation of the ten qualities required of a perfect Mahayana guru on May. Martin Horan will continue the other nine sessions from mid-May. See all ten dates below. Both are long term students of the Society’s founder, Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden.


You can join the classes in the magnificent traditional Tibetan temple. All welcome. Each class is helpful on its own or you can join the series.

The temple is a wonderful and serene space, featuring a 12-foot statue of Shakyamuni Buddha and unique Tibetan artworks called thangkas.

Cushions for those who like to meditate cross-legged, and chairs to suit others’ comfort. Delicious refreshments and an opportunity to chat after each session.

Sunday classes comprise a guided meditation, a talk, Q&A. A $10 facility charge. All proceeds support the upkeep of the temple and gardens.

Address – 20 Cookes Rd., Yuroke (5 minutes west of Craigieburn, 15 minutes along Mickleham Rd off the Tullamarine Fwy, and 45 minutes from cbd)

CLASS DATES (breaks due to other events and June term holiday)

Sundays at 4 pm – May 5, May 19, May 26, June 2, July 14, July 21, July 28, August 4, August 11, August 25

Queries: events@tushita.org