Retreat Survey

The Tibetan Buddhist Society has begun trialling additional short retreats e.g. one day retreats on a Saturday (One day retreat) and 1.5 day retreats on Saturday and Sunday morning (1.5 day retreat). We’ve extended the trial in 2023. During the trial we’re continuing to offer short retreats in both onsite and online formats. We’ve found that many people, whether experienced meditators or not, and whatever their level of interest in Buddhism, find the retreat experience as enjoyable, meaningful and helpful as a “reset”. To help us shape our short retreat program we’d really like to hear from our wider community.

Q1 Which of the following best describes your experience of meditation retreats

Q2 We'd be interested in some general information about our survey respondents

Q3 Which one of the following best describes your interest in meditation retreats

Q4 How likely would you be to participate in the following types of short retreats?

Q5 Do you have any preferred subjects or practices that you would personally be interested in for a short retreat? (If so please list them below)

Q6 Do you have any comments on the above questions or general retreat feedback?

If you are interested in helping to develop our short retreats program we’d love to hear from you! If so feel free to give your name and contact details below. If you’d like more information and would like someone from our retreat team to contact you can let us know below.