The Tibetan Buddhist Society follows government COVID protocols.  

Following the Government’s recent relaxation of rules, the Society is following suit and these measures and guidelines are different than our Easter retreat.

While we cannot eliminate all COVID risk, they are designed to help minimise the possibility of COVID infection and give participants greater confidence that they can join the retreat.

All on site retreaters – live in or staying at home and attending daily – are requested to please take a RAT test on or before their first day coming onsite. 

On site participants staying at home, who are coming on successive days and returning home at night, are requested to minimise exposure to higher risk environments during the retreat and to do a RAT if they have been in a higher risk setting (e.g. mixing with multiple people, been in crowded environments or in contact with a diagnosed case).

Live in retreaters are requested to minimise coming and going during the retreat. If they do go offsite they are requested to minimise exposure to higher risk environments.

If a participant becomes unwell during the retreat, they will need to let someone know, and head home, where they will be able to continue the retreat online. In such a case they will be asked to conduct at least 2 rapid antigen tests at home 24 hours apart and let us know the result, so we can let other retreaters make an informed judgment as to whether they would prefer to continue the retreat online rather than stay onsite   We can refund/adjust retreat fees if a person needs to leave the retreat in these circumstances or to shift online.

If a retreat participant has a confirmed case of COVID the retreat will move online.

We will encourage the use of masks inside where social distancing is not possible (in accordance with government guidelines). Masks are an easy and effective way of mitigating infection risk.

Cushions and chairs in the temple are placed at the recommended distance apart. There is plenty of hand sanitiser, and sanitised wipes for regular cleaning in all areas before and during the retreat. Food will be served as per the government guidelines.

For inquiries and more information please email